The Health Benefits of The Cycling Commute

I know that cyclists can be frustrating, but it seems that people who are actively commuting on bikes, see considerable gains inn their health.

Research on cyclists in Denmark aged 50-65 and Sweden aged 40-60, has found that cycling to and from work and home has substantially improved cardiovascular and overall health.

These improvements include a 25% lowering of heart disease risk, including up to 20% fewer heart attacks in a 20 year follow up period.

The researchers estimated that the cycling may have prevented obesity cases by 24%, high blood pressure by 6%, high cholesterol by 13% and diabetes by 11%.

So it certainly goes to show you that there is great value in regular cycling. Now if we can just find a safe way of doing it around Sydney, it may be a little more appealing.

Journal of American Heart Association, 31/10/16