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My lifestyle studio is located at Unit 45/ 23 Narabang Way, Belrose. It is a professional exercise clinic servicing the fitness and health needs of the community.




The owner of the Studio, Brian Ellem, has over 25 years of experience in personal exercise care and is a registered Exercise Physiologist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). His journey has allowed him to experience a great variety of challenging health and fitness issues and is always inspired by the capabilities of an individual once committed to the right type of exercise plan. He has completed a Masters of Health Science (Exercise Science), as well as a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation).

Call Brian on 0419 420 803 or email:brian@mylifestylestudio.co.au


MLS9328LLouise Roche is an exercise specialist at the studio, with expertise in weight management and in coaching individuals towards life-long lifestyle change. When the challenge ahead is arduous, it is important to have the right person working with you along the way. Louise is committed and determined to assisting you in the achievement of your objectives and is a highly motivated  health and fitness mentor. Over the years, her experiences in health and fitness has led to her to a fascination with the power of nutrition in healing, its key role in weight management, as well as its essential place as the guiding light for our physical and emotional energy levels. Louise is a qualified Personal Trainer and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition.

Please visit Louise Roche’s web page for more information.

Call Louise on 0434 534 544 or email: louise@mylifestylestudio.com.au




The studio has an approach to exercise, which has health at the centre of all exercise programs. It was originally set up within the Sydney Adventist Hospital at Wahroonga in 1998, with the intention of providing an exercise clinic for inpatients and outpatients of the hospital. After a successful 10 years at the hospital, the studio then moved to St.Ives to manage the general public for their health and fitness needs and also to provide a link to local and surrounding specialists and health practitioners, in the overall management of health and fitness for their patients.





After 10 years at St.Ives, the studio has now re-located to Belrose in a professional setting, surrounded by the inspiration of Garigal National Park. My lifestyle studio looks after individuals of all ages and all levels of health and fitness. The Studio is experienced at designing exercise plans for people who are starting from a very low level of health and fitness, or who have challenging health issues, as well as those who are thriving on their fitness and would like to experience a new challenge.