My Lifestyle Studio Allied Health Clinic


Unit 45/ 23 Narabang Way, Belrose

Private Clinical Exercise Physiology 

New to exercise ?

My Lifestyle Studio is a private clinic for Exercise Physiology treatment of a wide range of chronic health conditions. The clinic specialises in working with individuals who are new to exercise. We have a long history of care for those that are at risk of developing a chronic health condition, or who have a current condition that they are looking to carefully manage. The early stages of an exercise program requires a great level of attention to appropriate levels of motivation, focus on personal needs and the awareness of the challenges and limitations that a person is presented with on a day to basis by there own condition. Our experience and expertise in this area is second to none.

Do you have a chronic health condition ?

My Lifestyle Studio is a private exercise physiology clinic that cares for individuals in a quiet and caring environment. All patients within our clinic have challenging and chronic health conditions. We have had over 30 years of experience designing exercise programs for rehabilitation and ongoing management of a range of chronic health conditions including: metabolic conditions (including obesity and diabetes), cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, mental health, respiratory conditions (including asthma and COPD), neurological conditions (including Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis), musculoskeletal conditions (including arthritis and osteoporosis).

The Clinic has direct links with medical professionals throughout numerous medical specialties and are registered and experienced to assist with claims associated with Private Health Funds, Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs and NDIS . Please feel free to contact Brian on 0419 420 803 for further information.

Need support and care ?

Our support and encouragement through your program is as important to us, as it is to you. As you progress through new stages of health, you will no-doubt exceed your own expectations and inspire yourself towards new levels of vitality. We will be there beside you through the journey and look forward to every challenge along the way.  We pride ourselves on providing the type of care that leads to sustained, lifelong change in health.

The clinic is set overlooking the magnificence of Garigal National Park. As you exercise in our private clinic, you experience the clean fresh air that nature provides, as well as a stunning visual of the Garigal valley.

The cost ?

Initial consultation and assessment:  – $200

Standard consultations:

One on one (60 minutes) – $160

Small group setting (2-5 people – 60 minutes) – $60

Is the service covered under Medicare ?

Yes, if your GP recommends an enhanced primary care program, Exercise Physiology may be recommended. If so, you are entitled to a maximum of five consultations through Medicare. The entire cost of your five Exercise Physiology appointments will be covered.

Registered with Department of Veterans Affairs ?

Yes it is. Please enquire about your personal circumstances.

Registered with NDIS ? 

Yes it is. Please enquire about your personal circumstances.

Is the service claimable with your Private Health Fund ?

Yes, Exercise Physiology is covered within private health funds. You would need to check your personal coverage.

We look forward to hearing from you !