How does it work ?



Your Initial Consultation 

Your initial consultation will allow us both time to discuss specific medical/ health issues, consider your current injuries and your injury history, as well as to reflect on exercise history in depth. We will consider and define goals and objectives as well as provide you with an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the process involved while we are working with you.
The information gathered will be treated as highly confidential and will be utilised as the first step in developing an appropriate approach towards an exercise care plan.
Please bring any relevant medical information from medical practitioners or health professionals that you feel may impact on your program. This information is vital to the assessment process, as well as in the design of your exercise prescription.



The assessment process will include measurements/techniques for assessing exercise capacity and clinical and functional status for application with your future exercise plan. The design of your assessment will be specifically tailored to your personal goals and objectives.

A cardiovascular assessment will occur. You will be asked to wear a heart rate monitor, as you proceed through some carefully designed cardiovascular activities. These activities will provide an indication of your starting point for cardiovascular fitness, as well as your ability to move with or without freedom. They may include a treadmill, upright bike, arc trainer, recumbent bike and/or rowing machine. You will experience a light to moderate physical challenge.


Flexibility will be assessed with consideration to your range of motion and freedom of movement. Strength and endurance will also be assessed. We will be looking at general activities and movements that act as a guide to your current levels of strength.
Balance will also be assessed using both simple and complex movements.






All of these measures will provide a benchmark to work from. With the information gathered during the initial consultation, as well as the observations from the assessment, a program is written that will appropriately address any medical/ health conditions, improve weaknesses, further develop your strengths and specifically attend to your goals and objectives.

Personal program standard sessions

At this stage, your program is designed and you will begin the process of exercising through the carefully designed exercise prescription, which will have been specifically created to address your personal needs. The sessions will all be conducted in the privacy of the studio. The program will always begin carefully and progressively evolve at the appropriate developmental stages. Your health is always at the forefront of any exercise care plan and will always receive the first line of attention. Your physical fitness development will then be a by-product of careful planning and correct execution of exercise. Our aim is to achieve a level of fitness which is appropriate for you and to challenge you to be the best you can be.


Ongoing Lifestyle Guidance

Long-term lifestyle change requires attention to the many areas of life that impact on your health and fitness. Our experience and expertise in this area will guide you through this challenging process.